Evolve has staged hundreds of homes at every price-point.
We know what sells.

The current Holland, MI housing market is extremely competitive! Houses are selling faster and for more money than ever. It’s a fantastic time to sell and staging by Evolve is key. Evolve will ensure that your home is looking it’s best!

Evolve is the largest staging company in West Michigan, specializing in staging vacant and occupied homes. Our team of professionals and our extensive inventory of furniture, accessories and artwork allow us to stage many properties simultaneously – a significant benefit in this fast-paced market.

Many designers and stagers use the client’s own furniture. Evolve will use your furniture; bring in items from our inventory, or a combination of both. We work within your budget so you can achieve the best return on your investment.

Our goal is to set your house apart from the competition – and get the best price possible.

Staging Benefits

Create Memorable First Impressions

Staged homes show better, list for more money, sell faster, and appraise higher.

  • Improve The Marketability of Your Home.
  • 9 out of 10 home buyers shop online first. Traffic to your home is dependent on the real-estate photos. Home staging will prepare your home for real-estate photos and showings.
  • Staging shows room size, furniture placement options, and adds warmth and character. Staging also offers solutions to unusual layouts and shows buyers how the house could work for them.

Show Buyers The Home’s Potential.

  • Buying a home is an emotional decision. Staging paints a picture of a home that is comfortable and inviting to prospective buyers.
  • Accentuate the Positive.
  • Reduce Stress
  • The sale of your home is expedited. The move to your new home is made easier.

Staging by Evolve offers solutions and makes the process run smoothly.

“I worked with Evolve to stage a high-end vacant home. They worked hard to meet the seller’s vision for the house as well as help prospective buyers envision themselves in the space. The house sold with a great offer after just 4 days on the market! I received compliments on the staging from both buyers and other realtors. Great job Evolve! “

-Janet McNamara, Five Star Real Estate Leaders – Holland

See The Difference Staging Makes

Before After

What is NOT staging your house costing you?

RESA Home Staging Stats

How does 90% less time on the market add up?

A vacant $300,000 house with a $1500/month mortgage and $1000 in monthly expenses has a typical carrying cost of $83 a day.

If that house is listed, un-staged, and not sold, it will average 184 days on the market.

At $83/day that equals $15,272 in carrying costs.

(In addition, there would be at least 1 price reduction of $5,000 or more).

​That same house, after being staged, will average only 41 days on the market.

At $83/day that equals $3,403 for a savings of $11,869 in carrying costs.

If that home were staged prior to listing, it would average only 23 days on the market.

At $83/day that equals $1,909 for a savings of $13,363 in carrying costs.

Evolve’s Staged Homes historically average under 40 days on the market.


Flip House
“Staging is key when you’re flipping a house. You’ve invested so much time and money into the project and you need photos that showcase your work! Evolve will stage your flip house for great photos and showings. Your home will sell quickly and for more money.”
Downtown Holland Bungalow
“Evolve staged a vacant home in downtown Holland for $1800. In less than 3 days we had 66 showings and 21 offers. The sellers made $15,000 more than expected. I believe the staging made the difference. Agents have a fiduciary responsibility to get the most money possible for their sellers. Evolve has the same goal. Investing in staging by Evolve is money well spent.“
Zeeland Home
“I’ve been working with Evolve for several years and always find them to be responsive and professional. I look forward to continuing our relationship.”
Holland Heights Home
“A note of thanks for all of your help with the staging of our home. The showings and the sale went great. Thanks again for all of your suggestions and providing us the confidence that we had done all we could to get a max price offer!”
Maplewood Village Condominiums
“Evolve has made a tremendous difference in the rate of sales of our project. Their experience and huge stock of furnishings make every unit shine. Evolve is a breeze to work with. We could not be more pleased with the results!”
Hamilton House
“I want every one of my listings to look as good as they possibly can, which in turn gets me more listings! An Evolve stage assessment helps make the pre-listing process easy and stress-free for the seller. Working with Evolve is a huge competitive edge for my business, and the stage assessment gets the seller more money for their home every time.”
Douglas Cottage
“The flare added by Evolve’s staging services really helped us sell our Douglas, Ml house in a short time. The Evolve team was creative and professional.”
Muskegon Apartments
“Anna has helped us stage several different apartments for our marketing materials. The results were fantastic! I would highly recommend Evolve’s services.”
Grand Rapids Bungalow
“Evolve adds the touch needed in a competitive market to help our homes rise above the competition. They stage the house to make it feel like a home that potential buyers can experience! Evolve makes our homes stand tall and makes my job easier. Very responsive, personal and professional! They offer many services and Karen, the owner, is great to work with! I highly recommend them to anyone to use! You won’t be disappointed”

Seeing is Believing

Before After

Services & Pricing

Staging Assessments
A MUST for preparing all homes for listing photos and showings!​

A walk-through with the homeowner and prioritized recommendations to showcase the home. A detailed report is emailed to the homeowner and realtor.

Appointments usually take 1-2 hours
Staging Assessment: $175
($225 for homes that are over 30 miles from the Evolve office)

Photo Staging
Perfect for homes that have already had a staging assessment and need some final touches!​

Our stagers arrive before the photo shoot to make adjustments to furniture placement, accessories, and lighting. We insure the home is photo-ready.​

Appointments usually take 1-2 hours. Please schedule so the work can be completed prior to the photographer’s arrival. ​

$125/hour for 2 stagers. Minimum 1 hour.
($175/hour/2 stagers if over 30 miles from the Evolve office).

Occupied Staging
Perfect for under-furnished homes!​

Our stagers bring in additional furniture, art and accessories and arrange them with your belongings to create an inviting home for photos and showings. ​

This service is for homes that are occupied and is available after a staging assessment. We will provide a quote upon completion of the staging assessment.​

Occupied Staging: Per Quote

Vacant Staging
Vacant homes need to be staged! Staging creates a warm, inviting space that photographs and shows well.

Staging gives buyers perspective on room sizes and ideas for furniture layout.​

We meet at the home to create a plan. We provide a quote that includes the planning and procurement, delivery and set-up of furniture, bedding, accessories, lighting and artwork. We will return for de-staging once the home sells.

Our fee includes the rental cost for the first 45 days of staging.​

Vacant Staging: Per Quote

Focus Group Report
Perfect for homes that are unique properties or have been on the market for an extended time. Focus Groups provide valuable buyer feedback in an easy-to-use format.​

Evolve invites multiple individuals in the purchasing demographic to view the listing photos and answer targeted questions regarding the salability of the home. We then analyze the comments by category and create a report that highlights the strengths and opportunities.

This results in specific feedback, ideas for useful changes and enhanced market readiness.​

Focus Group Report: Per Quote

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