Downsizing = moving to a smaller space.
Seems simple, but every situation is unique, and can generate lots of emotions.

Evolve specializes in helping ease the transition.​

We have the resources to make the process stress-free and enjoyable.​

  • Are you an Empty-Nester moving to a condo? ​
  • Are you or your parents moving to a Senior Living Community?
  • Are you downsizing due to health issues, death or divorce?

We understand that Seniors need help with many aspects of the downsizing process, and not everyone has family available to help. We want to hear your stories and help you navigate the maze of sorting, donating, discarding and distributing keepsakes to family.​

Evolve has training and experience working with clients dealing with grief and crisis. We will help you through the process with care.​

Downsizing doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Evolve will guide you.

Before After

“Evolve was an amazing find!

They helped my parents begin the process of cleaning out the family cottage clutter. They understood that a few hours a day were all my parents could handle and they took care of EVERYTHING!

At the end of each session of sorting into keep, donate, and toss piles, they actually hauled away all of the donate/toss piles so that we didn’t have to think about them again. (And yes, they produced receipts for the donated items!)

I can’t recommend them highly enough.”

~ Catherine

Services & Pricing

1. Free 30 minute phone consultation.

We’ll discuss your goals, talk about the spaces you need help with, the challenges you’ve faced, and answer your questions.

2. Organizing Assessment.

An on-site, in-depth look at your space. We discuss your specific needs and prioritize the areas that are overwhelming you the most. We talk about your challenges and goals and create a plan that will work for you and your family

$45 for up to 1.5 hours.

3. Organizing the Space

We work with you to sort, plan and organize your space. We provide custom labels, donation drop off, and follow-up support. Shopping and organizing supplies are available for an additional charge. ​

$60/organizer/hour. 3 hour minimum
$50/organizer/hour for 10 hours or more

*Travel time over 30 miles from Evolve will be included in the fee

Services & Pricing

Organizing & Downsizing Services                                           $50 / hour

Hourly rate is per organizer (3-hour minimum)
Materials, supplies, and additional costs will be added to the invoice
Administrative fee is 5% of total
Travel to be invoiced at hourly rate beyond 30 minutes round-trip 

After an organizing assessment has been completed, we help develop a plan for your new space. We prioritize how to sort, donate, distribute, and discard items prior to packing for the move. We also un-pack and organize in the new space according to your plan. Evolve works with all area movers and can coordinate the moving process. This service is perfect for relocations, families with small children, individuals with health issues, and seniors who may need additional help.

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