"Anna has helped us stage several different apartments for our marketing materials. The results were fantastic. I would highly recommend her services!"

"Karen Kempker has been helping me redecorate my daughter’s bedroom.  She has listened to our needs about style, stayed within our budget and continues to have fresh, new ideas to add interesting features to the room.  Karen is always professional and willing to tackle any project put in front of her."

- Sarah


"Karen is a genius when it comes to organizing.  She is very creative with her organization tools and with utilizing space.  Everything will have a place when she is finished.  I have learned so much from her."

- Nancy

"We listed our house and our realtor hired Karen to stage it for viewings.  While I thought our house looked great, it sometimes takes a third eye to see something and Karen's eyes are 20/20.  We walked through the house and she told us what to pack away, what to feature, what corner needed color, and in one case, what to paint.  The next day a room by room list of her notes was sent to us.  I will be honest, I didn't want to do this staging thing but I DID do what she said and had to eat my words when I stood back and looked at the change in the house.  She was right. And the house sold immediately. The added bonus was that so much was now packed.  Karen was professional but relaxed, courteous and funny and understood when I said I wanted something to stay. My best advise would be to say that if you think you don't need her, you probably do."

- Denice



"Life changing!  Just a few hours with Karen have opened my eyes to see my house completely differently.  Her ability to see the issues and develop a low-cost but extremely effective solution is amazing.  Not only is the solution effective and easily maintained, she incorporates it with an eye toward design.  In just a few short hours she has transformed our space from a chaotic, cluttered house to a peaceful and organized home.  This was no easy task as we have four very active children and many family activities in a well-packed home.  I initially hired her to help me organize my home to put it up for sale.  She has accomplished that and so much more.  No more stacks of paper; no more lost permission slips; no more running around searching for things.  When I find my new home, she will be the first person to see it so she can help me adapt to my new environment.  Best money I have ever spent."

- Laurie

"We started de-cluttering and organizing our house last summer with Karen. When we got married 4 years ago we merged two households. We are both “savers” so there were two, sometimes 3-5 of many things! This is an ominous process to do alone and without organization. The piles of boxes soon became part of our landscape.  With Karen we started one box at a time. As I went through the details of the boxes she organized things that went together and things that needed to go. After the first day I could not believe the transformation. After several days, we had 11 loads to Goodwill, many loads to the dumpster, and rooms that I could be proud of.  On a daily basis I am aware of how much the organization saves me time and stress. Like type things are together (that was not true before) and there is a place for them. It is a relief and we spend our time on the things we want to be doing, not trying to find something or spending money buying something we already have in our house.  We still have progress to make. I am inspired to finish the house because it makes life so much easier and my house feels more welcoming..  We are so thankful to Karen. She is very talented at helping you figure out how you want to live in a certain space and then moving you toward that. Her energy and enthusiasm also are inspiring to get you started and moving toward your goals."

- Peg