Anna Dorn

Staging Assessments help sellers navigate the process of getting their home ready to sell.

People sell their homes for a variety of reasons, and it can be emotional and overwhelming. I enjoy meeting people and offering solutions. We act as the liaison between the realtor and the client, offering a roadmap to follow and resources to make the process as easy as possible. 

Staging Assessments offer peace during a stressful time and the sellers are always so appreciative.

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Leslee Elkins

Focus groups provide useful buyer information so realtors and sellers can make informed choices regarding updates, staging and marketing..

I enjoy helping realtors and sellers find the best strategy for showcasing their home. Focus groups are an effective tool for homes that are unique in style, layout or location; as well as homes that have been on the market but haven't had many showings. The feedback from the focus group provides data for crucial marketing decisions.

It's key to have a plan, and the resulting sale is always satisfying!


Deana Dayton

Occupied Staging and Photo Staging help sellers show their homes at their best.

It's difficult to envision how to repurpose rooms in your own home. I love bringing a new perspective and using what the seller has in different ways.  By adjusting furniture placement, accessorizing and making a few changes, we can show the home at it's best. 

 Occupied Staging and Photo Staging are fun and creative, and the result is so satisfying!

LeeAnn Sotok

It's very difficult for buyers to envision how a vacant house could work for them. Staging a vacant home makes it memorable!

I love the magic that happens when we bring furniture, bedding, artwork and accessories into a vacant home.  Our team is great at  problem solving, design and planning - and it's fun to collaborate on the best strategy for a new space. 


Staging is a fantastic way to transform a vacant space into a warm, inviting home

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