Staging Rentals from Evolve Organizing Solutions and Hegg’s


Hegg’s rents furniture by the truckload.  A truckload usually consists of enough furniture for 3-4 rooms in a home (typically a Living Room, Dining Room and Master Bedroom).  Bedding, accessories and lighting are rented separately from Evolve. Hegg’s and Evolve work together to choose the furniture, accessories, bedding and lighting to completely stage the rooms we feel will offer the most impact to potential buyers. By partnering we offer the best value to the customer.


Furniture rental from Hegg’s:

  • $1500 paid upon delivery for set up and take down of a truckload of furniture for 30 days.Rent is 2.5% of the value of the furniture each month after the first 30 days (a minimum of $250.00 per month).

    • If a second truckload is necessary, the charges are the same as above but the rental charge for all the furniture is 2% per month.

  • Hegg’s will keep a credit card number on file and charge the customer every month on the due date.They do not pro-rate the month if the customer wants the furniture picked up before the month is up.There will be a contract that the party responsible for payment will need to sign.

  • The designer at the furniture store will select all the furniture from their various locations, coordinate the delivery with Evolve and help with set up.The designer bills hourly and will invoice separately.


Staging and accessory rental fees from Evolve Organizing Solutions:

  • Staging is $60 per hour and includes the hours used to help select the furniture and accessories; to stage the house when the furniture arrives; and de-stage. If 10 hours or more are spent on the staging project the price is $50 per hour.

  • The rental of the accessories (bedding, lighting, artwork, etc.) is through Evolve.The rental fee is 10% of the value of the accessories and will be billed monthly.



  • It will take approximately a week to select the furniture and accessories, and coordinate the delivery and set up.

  • At least 10 days’ notice is required for the take-down and de-staging of the furniture and the accessories.