Staging AssessmentsWalk-through and written recommendations to showcase the home at its best in photos and showings.  Appointments usually take 1-2 hours.  $150 flat rate ($200 for homes over 30 minutes away). 


**NEW** Long-distance virtual assessments (via video-conferencing), ideal for vacation homes and other long-distance situations.  $60 per hour.


Staging For PhotosStaging before/during the photo shoot.  This service insures that the home is photo-ready and serves as a guide to the sellers for showings.  Appointment usually take 1-2 hours.  Please schedule 1/2 hour to an hour prior to photographer’s arrival.  $60 per hour.


Staging Vacant or Under-Furnished HomesFurnishings, artwork, and accessories brought in to show the home at its best.  Call for a project quote.


Organizing Services: Ideal for clients who are downsizing or need help with the moving process.  We help sellers make decisions on what to keep; removal of unwanted items; packing and unpacking.  Call for a project quote.


Planning the New Space: Helping clients plan the space in their new home.  Perfect for clients who are downsizing; upgrading; or just want more organization in their new space.  $60 per hour.


Design ServiceAssistance with flooring; paint; window treatments; lighting and furnishings. $60 per hour.


Follow-up is included with all our services.  Clients can contact us directly

with questions via phone, text or email.


Evolve  •  evolvelakeshore@gmail.com  •  616.294.1674