"If you don't know where you're going, any road will get you there." -Alice in Wonderland

Getting organized is a journey and can be overwhelming to accomplish alone.

Laurie Koning

Organizing is a way of serving.

Every job is different! Young families. Blended families. Busy families. Seniors who need some extra help. I give clients a different perspective and help them anticipate their needs.  I enjoy the variety and challenges of helping clients create efficient systems that work for them. 


Organizing looks different for everyone, and can help anyone.

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Tina Martinie

Organizing is a way to find peace and calm.

Feeling overwhelmed can leave you vulnerable and stressed. Being sensitive to the client's emotions and appreciating that this is their space is key.  I enjoy listening to their goals and helping them take control of their space.

Organizing is doing the work and celebrating the successes with you.

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Rebecca Fasbender

Organizing is a great feeling of accomplishment.

Form follows function, and I love creating spaces that are efficient, effective and beautiful.  Organizing helps you know what you have, know where it's kept, and saves you time and money. When clients can function in their space and enjoy their home, it's very rewarding.

Organizing is an investment in yourself and your family.

Karin Bol

Organizing is listening and empathizing.

I love the before and after. Every situation is unique and creating individualized systems is critical. Hearing their stories, and helping a person through divorce, grief, health issues, or tough situations and seeing them transform is amazing. 

Organizing is a process that takes you from chaos to beauty.

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